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    6-8 Weeks Working in SE Asia - Aeronaut

    Hi All,

    I'm a Ship's Officer based out of Newfoundland Canada - I've recently purchased an Aeronaut in Black/Iberian to act as my luggage for work. Was looking for a good single-bag solution as when joining a ship after a flight, we may sail right away, and if my luggage doesn't make the flight, I can be in a really bad position.

    Currently my vessel is based in Batam, Indonesia but my travel plans first bring me to Singapore. Near the end of my stint onboard (I work 6 weeks on/6 weeks off) the vessel may be travelling to Brazil - this would mean I would depart the vessel in Cape Town, South Africa when we make a pit-stop on the way.

    I leave tomorrow morning... Not looking forward to my 16 hr Newark - Hong Kong stint.

    Packing List is as follows:
    Note: No safety boots etc. required as these are provided onboard.

    End Pocket (L):
    End Pocket Packing Cube
    New Balance Minimus Gym Shoes
    Bag of Apple International Travel Adapters
    Small box of Qtips
    Razor & Pack of Cartridges
    Beard Trimmer & Cord
    Spare Earbuds
    Small Bluetooth Speaker & Cord
    Small bottle of Baby Powder
    Spare Glasses
    Nebo Larry Pen Flashlight
    Eton Boostbox 6600 Portable USB Battery Charger
    Small leather case (nail clippers etc.)
    Rite in the Rain Notebook

    Main Compartment:
    Plastic Document Sleeve strapped to the bottom with all my seafarers documents.

    Top Pocket
    Small Kleenex Pack
    Fisherman's Friend Lozenges

    Lage Packing Cube:
    Slacks (Tech Fabric)
    Technical Fabric T Shirts x 2
    Long Sleeve Cotton T Shirt
    Cotton T Shirt x 2
    Tech Fabric Shorts/Swim Trunks x 4
    Tech Fabric Long Sleeve Pullover
    Collared Cotton Button-Up

    Small Packing Cube:
    Ankle Socks x 7
    Full Length Socks x 2
    Compression Shorts x 1
    Boxer Briefs x 7

    Small Packing Cube:
    One small hard drive - Spare space for souvenirs

    Laptop & Moleskin Project Notebook in Hershel Supply Sleeve on top of cubes.

    End Pocket Right
    Long Clear Plastic Bag with all Liquids
    88ml Sunscreen x 3
    75ml Toothpaste
    88ml Shampoo
    88ml Body Wash
    60ml Shaving Cream
    60ml Prescription Cream
    15g Mecca First Aid Ointment

    End Pocket Packing Cube
    1 Book
    Macbook Charger
    Inside Packing Cube, 3D Clear Organizer Cube with:
    Ear Plugs
    Sleeping Mask

    I believe thats a wrap!

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    @JoeM. Welcome to the forums! OK, I'll bite: I see the chargers and adapter plugs for your MacBook, but where are you carrying the laptop itself? Inquiring minds want to know!


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    Joe, Welcome. Sounds like a very well thought out list. I assume there are laundry facilities on board so it's easy to keep your clothing clean. Is there a uniform you wear at sea or is your duty clothing up to you? Also, if you have time, it would be fascinating to hear what life at sea on a vessel is like... how many hours on and off, number of days you work each week, what the food is like, off duty recreation and exercise options, etc. Have a safe and excellent voyage.

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    @Moriond - My apologies, I should have made it more clear. My laptop is in a Herschel Supply padded sleeve and is on top of my packing cubes in the main compartment

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    @giantsteve Laundry Services are indeed provided onboard - the stewarding department actually takes care of that for me (and cleans my cabin every day!) At present, the company I work for does not use uniforms, but this is fairly common practice - I have been told they are in the process of sourcing uniforms for us. As far as onboard life, I will try to explain as best as I can.

    The type of ships I work on generally operate with 12 hour work days - which may be separated into 6 hours on/off or could be a straight 12 hour shift, depending on the vessel & company. This is for the duration of the 28 or 42 day trip - 7 days a week. As far as the onboard food, that is certainly hit or miss. Larger vessels generally keep a large kitchen staff and food is served much like a high-end cafeteria where you can pretty much pick whatever you like, where smaller vessels (15 people or so) would have one cook, generally providing two options for each meal as per the tastes of the crew. For recreation options, once again this is dictated by the vessel. Many larger vessels have free movie theatres, arcades, etc. for the crew to use, but the vast majority of modern vessels at least provide a well equipped gymnasium and sauna.

    I should say that not all ships provide all of these amenities - I have been lucky enough to work with western-trained crews in industries with large profit margins. I know the conditions onboard many vessels aren't quite as cushy. Hope that answers some questions. You can see the particulars of my vessel at the following link:

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