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    Packing list tweaking for Turkey

    One of my favourite parts of any trip is the packing list refinement before I go. A week and a half out I am in the throes of techlist refinements and nonclothing list refinement. I plan to post pictures as I finalize lists.

    At the moment my tech list looks like:
    IPad and charger with euro plug
    Htc One phone and charger with adapter
    lenmar ppuclip for camera battery charging
    Spare camera battery
    IPad camera adapter
    Bose qc 15 earbuds
    Earbuds that came with phone

    Background info: i have a post cataract eye condition in my left eye that affects my vision in some weird ways. While my corrected vision seems to be 20/20 i do not have good resolution in my left eye. In other words it is like looking through a medium thick fog. This means that I can't tell whether photosare in focus unless they are fairly large. It also meant that the iPhone screen was to small for me to use comfortably ( hence the HTC One). I am on a small goup tour most of the time and will be travelling around by minibus.

    Do i leave the Ipad home and forget about winnowing photos on the road?
    Do i leave the phone at home? It has a very hi res screen which means i can read comfortably on it. In fact i can do most things on it except the photo stuff. Hmmm....
    Oh yeah, am i missing any essentials?

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    What do you plan on using the iPad for, apart from reading and photos? I use my iPad Mini for reading, watching movies on long-haul flights, web-surfing and email when I've landed (I have an ultrathin keyboard, which makes typing a lot easier), even working on a novel if I'm feeling particularly virtuous

    If your phone can do most of what you need, it might be better to take extra storage for the camera and save the weight of the iPad.
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    Enjoy - Turkey is beautiful, people are friendly and welcoming of visitors (my experience is in Istanbul and the Southern Coast) and food is delicious!

    Ceramics are a popular souvenir with their beautiful hand painting so you may want to leave some space for a piece or two.

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    I'm with Scribe. If the major reason to take the Ipad is to edit photos, leave it at home and take more data cards. Take more pix of everything. You can edit when you get home. If you had a Mini, I'd say take it, but primarily to back photos up, not to edit, although I traveled for years before my mini and never lost my camera data cards....
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    Since you can read on your phone, I agree with the advice to take another data card for photos rather than the iPad. Then you'll have one less thing to keep track of.

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    I will be curious to hear what you ended up taking and how it worked for you, as I'm hoping to use my Mini to back up pictures. (Ideally I would like to upload pictures straight to Shutterfly, but I don't know if I'll have a fast connection or even be able to access the site from where we are. )

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    It's probably too late to reply to this thread, but I would have recommended taking the iPad Mini, particularly if it was useful with your vision condition. It takes up space and weight, but not that much. I found it valuable on my last trip for going through photos. Some I wanted to post right away (when I had wifi), and seeing them large made it easier to evaluate them and choose the best ones. I also use mine for reading.
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    Hi Jannilee! Turkey sounds amazing!

    I'll throw in my two cents on the packing question. In your situation, specifically because you can't just edit photos when you get home, I think it'd be worth it to bring it along. Your post suggests that you might discover that you've taken a bunch of photos, and then find that you need to re-take them. If you got home to discover that most of your photos are blurry, that could be a big enough disappointment that you would regret having not brought it along, even despite the extra weight. That trade-off is really up to you to consider.

    I'm also just a big fan of iPads. I have a regular one and a mini, and I carry the mini with me almost wherever I go (in a Padded Organizer Pouch, oddly enough, it fits perfect). I use it as a back-up for my phone, since I have internet capabilities on my mini so I can text someone if my phone goes dead or is lost/stolen. It's also much faster to use an iPad to look something up quickly, than it is to use your phone. I also use mine for games or for reading, especially if I'm feeling anxious (airplanes make me anxious . And again, in your case, if it's easier to read on your iPad...well....everyone has to decide for themselves, but it seems to me that you have enough reliance on the device to make it worth bringing along the extra weight.
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