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    A little experiment

    A little experimentů I was curious how long the travel size toiletries last. I decided to buy shampoo and conditioner to use at home, and labeled them with the start date so I wouldn't forget. It turns out that three ounces is good for 21 days, at least with my short hair!

    A little experiment-tresemme-jpg

    Kind of interesting. I'm trying to fine-tune what I bring with me on trips. It is always the toiletries that cause the problems, and I think it's because I overestimate what is needed. I don't want to run out of anything, but there's no point in carrying around extra.

    I took a photo in case the labels peeled off. It was actually random that it was right in front of the travel books
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    Indeed, with short hair like mine, shampoo and conditioner last quite some time. A hotel I stay at every so often provides 1.7 or 1.8 oz bottles of the l'occitane shampoo and conditioner I like to use, so I haven't bought shampoo and conditioner (for home or travel use) in probably a year.

    The only thing I struggle with is toothpaste - it's either really small or more than 3oz. So I just take the larger size tube. If they fuss, I can toss it and buy some at the other end. But it hasn't been an issue. It was when the liquid restrictions were first introduced that they fussed about even an almost empty tube of toothpaste.

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    When I remember, I mark the date I open a new product in Sharpie on the bottom of the bottle. It was eye opening (no pun intended) to learn that a full size bottle of contact lens solution lasts me six months! No excuse for hoarding, and 12 mL in my Muji squeeze bottle is enough for a six-night trip.

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    Ah, @bchaplin, nimehfurahi kukutana! (I see you have the same Swahili book I have!)

    Thank you for your experiment. I'll have to see how long my Dr. Bronner's lasts. (That, I might have to ration, since I use it for a shampoo and a body wash.)

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    I use Aussie travel-sized shampoo (75ml), and it lasts me several short trips - though I have longish hair, so I guess I use a bit more! I don't mind using the hotel soap or body wash, which cuts down on 3-1-1 items, but my hair is very fine and goes lank if the shampoo doesn't suit it.

    @cara I hope you don't keep an opened bottle of lens solution for six months - that's not very hygienic! I'm generally pretty laissez-faire about use-by dates and such, but when it comes to stuff I'm putting into my eyes, I prefer not to make false economies. I look for 3-month packs that contain several small bottles, then make sure to recycle the bottles when I'm done with them.
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