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    Quote Originally Posted by flaneuse View Post
    How do you like the Morphie? What iphone do you have?
    I have an iPhone 5s and I use it for everything - phone, camera, music, internet, etc. etc. etc. I like my phone but the battery life is terrible (as you probably know). I use the Morphie because it gives me one extra full battery charge and yet I can still put my phone in my pocket. I haven't looked at the reviews but I haven't had any problems.

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    Thanks for the fast reply! Yes mine is pretty much my lifeline too. Sounds good then.

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    The Juice Pack Plus is pretty good, IMO. I prefer it over the Air version. It is ugly, and makes the phone heavy, but also protects it against falls. I have dropped it more than once and the case took the hit without any damage to the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flaneuse View Post
    For trips longer than 1 night I pack my wash kit. A ziplock bag filled with packets of woolite, a sink stopper, clothes line, clothes pins, and shout wipes. I get it all from amazon in bulk. I'll get the clothes soaking while the kids are in the bath for the night. Agitate, rinse, drain, and then hang up before bed.
    My wash kit also contains a clothes line, clothes pins, and shout wipes. And as odd as it sounds, I pack what Sea to Summit markets as a Kitchen Sink. It is made of ultra-sil. It takes just a bit more space than a stopper but I can fill it in the shower or sink, lift it out, and put things in there to soak for a bit while leaving sink, shower, or tub free to use. I used to use a gallon ziplock and shake but those tend to dry with a funky smell if you don't get all the moisture out. It can double as a small laundry basket but the sides don't stand up on its own.
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    There's some irony in a light weight traveler packing the kitchen sink but it works better than a sink stopper for me.

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    thanks to Allison Levine (, I don't think I have to feel guilty anymore for not getting around to making that video. We are basically the same person with the same petite frame, Synapse 19, packing cube and packing list (down to the same tooth powder!). And her technical skills and artistic ability far exceed my own. Yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by icebeng View Post
    Might it be psychological, dorayme?
    The reason why I prefer not to wash larger articles of clothing while traveling is because I keep thinking there might be SOME corner I haven't scrubbed. And also because I'm not convinced I can ever do it as well as a washing machine could. (Yes I feel inferior to a washing machine :P)
    For a great light weight portable wash solution you might want to try a Scrubba Tub (The Scrubba Wash Bag | The Scrubba Wash Bag). It works wonders and gets clothes really clean with very little effort. I have no affiliation, just a satisfied user.

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