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    Denver Travel Tips

    I'm heading to Denver the first week of August. My dad and I are going out for a couple days to see the Rockies and Cubs play. Any tips on what to expect weather-wise in Denver in the summer?

    I've got a Western Flyer and an Aeronaut. Any chance the WF can work for two people for two nights? Or would it be safer to plan on using the Aeronaut?

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    Hi Brandon. Denver should be warm with a chance of a short afternoon shower. I'd check with something like for details

    If you and your dad are not packing two pairs of pants and shoes each then yes, I do believe the WF alone will work for you. I can pack a week for mysrlf pretty comfortably in mine. You've got for days total. I see no issue for you. If you each have a personal item, you will be completely set.
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    Denver will be HOT during the day and slightly cooling in the eve.

    Downtown retains the heat as well... dress accordingly.

    Bring a good sun protection hat... UV's are brutal here in Colorado.

    If you're sitting in the sun at Coors Field, wear light long sleeve shirts and light travel pants. Like the tropical ones at The sun will cook your arms and legs.

    Drink lots of water... before. .. you arrive and lots during.

    There's great beer here and water simply keeps you hydrated properly.

    Have fun in the Mile HIGH city.

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