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    Quote Originally Posted by carl0 View Post
    << Technically anything served outside Napoli isn't pizza. >>

    I would amend that to say Napoli and New Jersey.

    You beat me to it :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
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    Fraught, I tell you.
    @Badger I couldn't help thinking of the last time you used this picture in reply to @Katy in your You guys = the bomb! thread, where it exactly fit the occasion. For a quick synopsis, @Badger had ordered a small organizer pouch, and received a huge TB box, which immediately led her to suspect that a certain member of the TB staff who was active on these forums was playing a trick. It turned out to be a beautiful Tom Bihn poster.

    That thread was also brought to mind when viewing @monkeylady's photos in the SEATTLE AREA MEETUP AT TB STORE WITH TAMINCA thread. In the back corner of the 5th frame, just above @NWhikergal's head, this poster is visible.

    I don't think they have those posters any more, but I was thinking that maybe they might have found one for @taminca? Those of you who want a downloadable fix can visit the Download TOM BIHN backgrounds for your iPhone and iPad blog entry to get your own copy of the Matterhorn edition of the Tom Bihn logo.

    By the way, the recent discussion about previous limited edition Fourth of July pouches (cf. my post in the New Love thread, also reminded me of another order interaction (that predates the extensive "box art" examples. In the Why I love Tom Bihn thread you can see examples of the FOJ (Fourth of July) pouch, and also the sticker labels they used to send out with packages a few years ago. (The Matterhorn image on the label is very close to the old luggage tags.). The picture in @Badger's thread showed another label proclaiming "My other car is a Tom Bihn Bag".

    For more examples of old labels, see @lpotr4's I heart Tom Bihn! thread.

    HTH moriond
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    Thread necromancy...ON!

    What about shopping in Chicago? Especially toy stores! Where's the best place to get little gifts for my little guys?

    Thanks for your recommendations! :-D
    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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