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    Quote Originally Posted by brjndr View Post
    Is the removable waist strap retrofit still available? I have a Brain bag I bought in 2001, and I'd like to make the waist strap removable.

    Can the clip also be attached to the outside of the bag (between the two pockets) for a water bottle? My older bag also doesn't have this feature.
    I too would love to know if the retrofit is still available and if I could get the water bottle clip on my 2008 Brain Bag!

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    For the water bottle clip, you could buy the external water bottle clip from the TB parts page and add it yourself to your bag (or get a tailor to do this for you). That is what I did:

    You can also buy the Hydration Clip and the removable sternum straps as well from the parts page if you want them.

    FYI - when I sent my bag in for a repair, I had asked the TB crew if they could add gatekeeps loops to the bag. They said that they did not retrofit new things to older bags. I would suspect that this would apply to things like the water bottle clip. As Darcy wrote earlier in this post, they normally do not do retrofits but made an exception for the removable waist strap only.

    Hope this helps

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