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    A Year and a Half with an Imago

    Greetings All:

    It's been a year and half since I bought my Imago bag. A while ago at the year mark I posted some comments about my experience with the Imago at the end of another thread.

    After another six months? All good things I said still apply, even more so! The only maintenance it's ever needed is cleaning it with a wet cloth to remove what little dirt dares to get on it. It still looks new and this is after some hard use, including lots of travel on planes and rough handling. Every stitch is tight and intact, the fabric perfect and nothing is out of place. (Well, ok, there is a half-centimeter scratch on the buckle that was caused by a tram door closing on it, but that's only visible in perfect light.)

    Here it is today in its usual over-stuffed way:

    My verdict is unchanged: best daily bag I've ever owned. If anyone needs a shoulder/messenger bag of this size I don't think you can find a better one anywhere.

    What next? :) Since my old briefcase finally needed to retire, I'm looking at the Empire Builder and basically now just trying to decide on colors. (If it came in Black/Black/Hunter I'd be perfectly happy but the Black/Black/Sapphire is looking pretty good.)

    In closing, well done everyone at Tom Bihn!


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    I love my Imago. Mine's purple/olive.

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    My blue/red Imago takes a ton of abuse as the bag I use to carry dog accessories when on trips or long walks. Dog treat crumbs go everywhere, water bottles leak, thrown around in the car, brushing up against trees and other dogs. But it still looks new.

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