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    Imago as a diaper/toddler bag

    My beloved Imago is repurposed for a diaper/toddler bag and I thought I'd give some feedback. So far, it is working well for the job, easy to use, spin around the body, hang from the back of the stroller [I know, no lectures on the dangers], and be drug over the ground by an over-zealous 3-year old upset about his cards taking a time-out.

    It works well overall, with the side zippered pockets holding Matchbox-style cars and sunglasses. The interior pouches hold sippy cups well and a few organizer pouches with various first aid and snacks. We're past the stage where diapers, wipes, creams need a specific place, but everything fits and can be organized nicely.

    If you use this for this purpose, you must add the clear organizer wallet, which will can hold the museum/park cards, plus a bit of pin money and receipts (or stickers). We always have the diaper bag, but almost always forgot our cards for the zoo, etc. Lifesaver three times this weekend, for certain, and it's only Sunday afternoon. :)
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    I have my Metrocards in the clear wallet. I would like a small size clear wallet so I could add 3x5 index cards to show as lists through the clear window. :)
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    Wanted: Zephyr or Empire Builder.
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    Thumbs up

    I used an Imago bag for several years as a brief case,
    then Tom Bihn and Darcy were kind enough to send
    me straps so I could attach my Imago bag to my

    After retiring, I gave the Imago to a friend's daughter
    that uses the bag now as a diaper bag. I use a cafe bag
    for everyday carry and thinking of upgrading to a large
    cafe bag.
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