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    recent pics from trip to india

    the first picture is of some nut carrying a crimson aeronaut and a navy/cayenne medium cafe bag at dulles international airport.

    the second picture is of a coolie at new delhi railway station carrying a crimson/black smart alec backpack and, ahem, a couple of suitcases. he wasn't carrying the aeronaut and the medium cafe bag because the guy you see in the first picture was carrying them himself.

    the third picture is of the same nut you saw in the first picture, boarding the amritsar shatabdi train at new delhi railway station with the aeronaut and medium cafe bag.

    the fourth picture is of two suitcases, the aeronaut, and smart alec on a luggage cart at beas railway station.

    the brown suitcase (belonging to a friend who traveled with them) and black suitcase (holding stuff for his wife and son) were checked in.

    the aeronaut held 4 changes of clothes for the nut, a change of clothes for his wife and son, and inflight entertainment for his son which included a lenovo ideapad s10 chock full of dora the explorer, diego, backyardigan videos and more, trains and other small toys.

    the smart alec held books for his son, a variety of snacks, and a bunch of stuff for his wife that he is happy to not know the details about.

    the medium cafe bag held a camera, cell phones, travel documents, pen, moleskine notebook, earphones, and headphones.
    Attached Images Attached Images recent pics from trip to india-l1000517-jpg  recent pics from trip to india-l1000539-jpg  recent pics from trip to india-l1000542-jpg  recent pics from trip to india-l1000556-jpg 
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    That wasn't a nut carrying an Aeronaut , but our man in India!
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    Great pics -- looks like an incredible trip! The Cafe bag is getting tempting (though I'd get a large) for the same purpose, esp. on trips where I can boil the computery-things down to a netbook.


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    Thank you for the great pictures of the bags and of course even more for the pictures of yourself and your family.

    A treat! :)

    Thanks Maverick :)

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