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    Aeronaut and Western Flyer and Side Effect in France

    So.... 12 days in the South of France and Paris. Rough life I know. Did not check anything. Flew business class across the pond so did not need to have only one bag, but did fly Paris to Nice and had no problem bringing both aboard. Did not try to leave anything out, just made a list and tried to fit it. Here's what I brought:

    I wore a pair of jeans, short sleeve linen shirt, and running shoes on both flight days. I laundered these with the hotel but nothing else. I did wash my running clothes and a few boxers just in case with the ivory liquid soap.

    In the Aeronaut and Western Flyer:

    Wife's bathing suit (needed to bring over)
    Underwear-- lots-- 12 pairs of exofficio and underarmour
    Socks (7)-- 3 pr dress, 4 pr running
    Shirts (14)--- 4 white tech t-shirts, 1 running, 4 dress, 2 sleep, 3 tech polo
    Shorts (9)- 1 tech, 3 khaki, 2 sleep/tech, 1 running, 2 nike pro compression
    Suit (1)- 1 blue linen
    Tie-- 1
    Pants (3)-- 2 dress khaki, 1 chino
    Shoes (2)-- 1 dress, 1 flipflops
    Belt-- 1 dress
    Bathing suit (2)-- 1 board short, 1 jammer
    Running hat
    Swim goggles
    Oakley sunglasses in hard case
    Backpack-- Gregory Reactor, packed in the Western Flyer for travel.
    Toiletries and medications in a TB kit

    3D Organizer Cube with: (in a folded 1 quart ziploc inside the cube)
    Ivory liquid soap in a GoToob
    Suntan lotion
    Shaving cream in a GoToob

    Clear Quarter Packing Cube with:
    iPod nano w running headphones
    PowerMonkey with tips/charger
    Blackberry charger
    Extra pr glasses

    In my Side Effect:

    Euros in a TB wallet
    Passport in the back slot
    iPod Touch and headphones in a small padded pouch
    Larabar (cherry pie of course)
    Mail from my kids at camp

    For a train trip from Nice to Paris I also had a 15" Macbook Pro in a sleeve in the Western Flyer.
    On the way home I had wooden salad utensils from a town market and a ceramic olive dish. There was also another short sleeve linen shirt acquired along the way.

    I used a combination of packing cubes-- the Western Flyer large cube held my suit and dress pants (I wear a 44 jacket and 36 waist pants). I used a combination of roll and bundle packing. Everything was nearly perfect after the flight over. The train trip involved some backpacking with the Aeronaut through the train stations and led to a little bit of rustling and wrinkling but things were still presentable. The large WF packing cube went in the center compartment of the Aeronaut as well as a large Aeronaut packing cube with the snaps undone before the end pockets were filled. I also used a small Aeronaut cube, an end cube, and 2 small WF cubes. The fully packed Aeronaut weighed 11.5 kg.

    Traveling with these bags was so easy. I actually had to ask the check-in folks to weigh the Aeronaut for me so I could report back. The Aeronaut as a backpack gets a little sweaty (actually a lot), but it was so easy to maneuver and slide into overhead compartments. The TSA people here and there actually smiled at the 3D Organizer Cube when they asked about my liquids. The Side Effect was invaluable walking around. I carried my TB wallet in it with my Euros.

    Anyway. Sorry for the lengthy post. I thought this was just a ridiculous amount of stuff and had to share......
    Western Flyer (Crimson); 4Z Brain Cell; Swift (wife); Empire Builder (Black/Steel/Wasabi); Aeronaut (Black/Steel); Side Effect (Black), 3D Cube (Olive); lots of cubes/pouches/kit; Synapse (Navy/Solar); Smart Alec (Cardinal/Steel)

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    Very interesting.

    Do you have a breakdown of which items fit in the Western Flyer and which were in the Aeronaut?

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    I can't actually remember too well... but...

    The suit and tie and dress pants, and a dress shirt or two maybe, were in the Aeronaut in the large Western Flyer packing cube. The large Aeronaut packing cube was also in the center compartment with other dress and casual shirts, which I think I wrapped in a pair of jeans to stabilize within the cube. I think I had a small WF cube in the central compartment of the Aeronaut as well, across the top of the main compartment. The Aeronaut ends held shoes and socks in one end pocket, and I think I had the 3D organizer cube in an end pocket as well as the clear quarter cube.

    The Western Flyer had my Gregory Reactor backpack; a small packing cube with board shorts, change of shirt, flip-flops; the Oakleys, the Kit, and possibly a second small packing cube with some of the exercise clothes as well.

    I can't remember exactly, but that's a rough idea....
    Western Flyer (Crimson); 4Z Brain Cell; Swift (wife); Empire Builder (Black/Steel/Wasabi); Aeronaut (Black/Steel); Side Effect (Black), 3D Cube (Olive); lots of cubes/pouches/kit; Synapse (Navy/Solar); Smart Alec (Cardinal/Steel)

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