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    Smart Alec tours Japan

    Here I am sporting my new Smart Alec about a minute before walking on stage at the Sunset Festival in Fukuoka Japan yesterday, Sunday September 6th. I'm currently on tour for two weeks playing bass across Japan. This is the maiden voyage for my Smart Alec, and I've been putting it to dual use: First I tote my laptop (in a Brain cell clipped inside) to the hotel, along with my train reading material and some snacks and such. I also use a couple of clear organizer pouches to carry my computer and camera chargers and cables. When I leave for the venue, I remove the computer and load a change of shirt, the setlists, an extra set of bass strings, a camera and various sundries like sunglasses and sun screen, along with a clear pouch containing extra footpedal cables and guitar picks. The ipod itself (which I use to time our sets as we play) lives in the side pocket of my Smart Alec inside a small padded organizer pouch. Unfortunately I lagged a little in ordering my pouches, but once I receive my clear quarter cube which I think will handle my chargers and cables a little better, I think my rig will be just about perfect! Thanks to everyone at Tom Bihn!
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    thanks howard, for sharing the picture and for the great description of how you use your smart alec!

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