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    Western Flyer + Med cafe bag

    I went on a 5 day trip to Austin, Texas to visit with family. I carried the Western Flyer and the Medium Cafe bag.
    It was hot down clothing was mostly lightweight. Still, I carried 4 sets of "salwars" (Indian pant/tunic sets); 3 linen tops; exercise clothes; an extra pair of Mephisto sandals; usual undergarments; night clothes (kaftan). All this fit into the WF without a problem. I also had a small organizer pouch with medicines; another one with basic toiletry; another one for money and receipts all hung up in various places. I had a Levenger agenda (compact size) fairly thick stuffed into the front pocket.

    I had a paperback book (200pages), a 1 liter Sigg bottle, a small Rhodia pad, and assorted other stuff in the medium cafe bag--not remotely stuffed. I took Southwest. On the way back, the flight was full, and folks were carrying all kinds of rollaboards; my WF and cafe bag fit under the seat in front of me without a problem!!!

    A pet peeve of mine: when the flight is full, why do folks insist on putting even their small laptop bags and small duffles etc., in the bin instead of under the seat in front of them?! I do not understand this lack of consideration at all!

    I found it easy to walk off the plane with my WF on my back, the cafe bag slung across--to take the shuttle bus to the garage; to walk long distances; and just about everything else. I have to say again..the more I use them, the more I find myself reaching for them to the exclusion of other bags.
    I just hope my back stays well for the rest of my years!!!

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    Neat little review.

    So, you got to bring TWO carry-ons on the flight with you? Nice coup you pulled, there!

    Do you have any photos of you carrying your Western Flyer and Medium Cafe?

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    Yup! The cafe bag is considered your personal item. I did the same thing with my ID and small café bag when I went to Liverpool.
    Proud owner of a conifer/steel Synapse, indigo/black Swift, a linen/olive Small Cafe Bag, a couple of yarn stuff sacks, a clear organizer wallet and various organizer pouches

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