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    Side effect on nature walks

    My wife recently purchased a Side Effect to use on urban nature walks, and she's loving it. Here are her impressions:
    Side effect on nature walks-side-effect-1-jpg

    Side effect on nature walks-side-effect-2-jpg

    "I love going on nature walks. The problem has always been figuring how to comfortably take some essentials with meómy phone, sunblock, keys, granola bar, small binoculars, and small camera. Obviously thatís too much to take in my pockets, but it was pretty annoying to have to take a back pack, no matter how small it was, every time I went on a walk. I resisted fanny packs, honestly, because I hated how they looked. After hearing me complain once again about what a pain it was to carry all these things my husband suggested I look at the Tom Bihn Side Effect. I was skeptical but it looked much better than any other waist packs I'd seen so I decided to order it. Itís been awesome. My walks are so much more enjoyable and I love how it looks. I can fit all of the items I mentioned above and theyíre not bouncing around on my back. And best of all itís so much easier to get to my binoculars when I spot that interesting bird."

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    hi gmich,

    awesome pictures!! thank you for sharing! i love the punch color (i'm assuming that punch)!

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    What a difference a month makes. This past weekend my wife had to bundle up for her walk to the park. And with a bulky coat on, that meant accessing the Side Effect as a waist pack would be tricky. So she attached the shoulder strap instead and headed out to see the city's leaves changing color. I thought this photo, contrasted with the earlier one, would do a good job of showing the bag's versatility.

    Side effect on nature walks-side-effect1-jpg
    Side effect on nature walks-side-effect2-jpg

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