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    Ristretto v2 after two months

    I... procrastinate. It's kinda what I do. So I managed to make do with a far too large STM bag + Incase sleeve for a year after downsizing to a MacBook Air, while continuously ogling the Ristretto. But I'm glad I did, because I _love_ the Cocoa color, and the black strap looks so much less out of place with the black trim. Also, the internal pocket design seems better, though I haven't had hands-on with a v1.

    Quality: I now get the raves from Tom Bihn fans. Workmanship and materials are both great. Probably not a bag I'd wear on the beach without a shirt.

    Laptop compartment: perfect. never obstructed, fits up to a 13" MacBook/MacBook Pro smoothly. No zippers means quicker access, and a nice padding at the end.

    Main large compartment: Big enough for a book, a wrist brace, and my QC2s. Or a bunch of papers. Or a (thin) sweater/jacket.

    Front zip pocket: this is where I keep passport/NEXUS/travel docs, etc. Deep but thin.

    Front pocket: Pens, Moleskine(s), power adapter, with longer cord tucked under the pouches since it's not always needed.

    Back pocket: not used a lot, sometimes put AC J-class booties in there if I'm going to want to take shoes off near exits.

    This bag goes with me nearly everywhere. With a small bag and a tiny laptop, the weight is trivial, and I find myself getting work done in tiny increments as I run around doing stuff. It looks good with lots of stuff (slacker weekend wear to business casual, at least, I never wear suits except to weddings or funerals). I'm really happy with it, and I'm going to eventually get around to ordering a Steel/Solar Tri-Star for my short trips, since that seems like an awesome bag for some planned European trips.

    Thanks Tom!

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    I know how you feel.

    My only problem is that it is now so easy to take my computer and notes everywhere and work in small increments or work impulsively, that I now want to carry it everywhere...even where I would rather not be carrying my "nice" laptop.
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