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    Brain Bag goes to class

    Brain Bag goes to class-brain-bag-classroom-jpg
    As a professor of education, I often have a lot to carry to my classes. But no matter how much I have to bring with me, I really try to avoid carrying more than one bag. And that's where the Brain Bag comes in.

    Last week I had it stuffed to the gills (though I could have squeezed in more if I'd had to:). The photo above shows it loaded down with:

    *11" Acer netbook in a horizontal Brain Cell
    *Archos 5 Android 5" internet tablet in a TB small padded organizer pouch
    *3 thick 8x11 textbooks
    *1 thick 7x10 textbook
    *1 file folder full of 30 laminated 8x10 photographs
    *Freudian slip containing:
    --3 plastic file folders full of papers/assignments/student work
    --2 Moleskine notebooks (one large, one small)
    --3 magazines
    --iPod and earbuds
    --Sprint Mifi
    --2 DVDs
    *2 hardcover children's picture books
    *1 VHS tape (yep -- still use them occasionally)
    *2 stacks of index cards
    *several pens, highlighters
    *2 flash drives
    *stack of business cards

    It was heavy, but not bad considering all that was in there. And the best thing about it is that, with the two large main compartments, it's so flexible. You can configure it to carry a change of clothes, two laptops, groceries -- just about anything.

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    wow! do you know how much all this weighed? This is when I wonder about padded hip belts and other accoutrements for even weight distribution. Yes: TB bags are designed to carry the weight; I am not sure we are! And I have been wondering for a while about what Tom thinks about the weight we all carry around, and how that affects his design philosophy?

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    I nominate Shiva's question for the next "Ask Tom" feature in the newsletter.

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    I was wondering the same thing - why isn't the desk/chair thing tipping over!

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    I don't know how much it weighed, but it was pretty comfortable on my back (it was also about 15 degrees and windy outside, which motivated me to walk faster and also think less about how much I was carrying). Also, I don't typically carry this much to class -- but it's good to know I can when I have to.

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