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    Flyertalk Moderator's Review of the Checkpoint Flyer

    Best. Laptop. Bag. Ever.

    A review of the Checkpoint Flyer by Gary Leff, a senior moderator at Thought the Flyertalk/TOM BIHN Forum members would especially be interested. :)
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    A good review, but I'm disturbed that he prefers supporting workers in other countries to U.S. workers. I guess you all are making too much. I surmise he won't be happy till U.S. workers get paid a dollar a day.

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    I agree with gmanedit.

    It's great to see a positive review of the Checkpoint Flyer and a recognition of quality. But it is a shame that this particular reviewer's politics keep him from recognizing the craftsmanship of decently paid (and obviously highly skilled) American workers and designers over the kind of sweathshop wares you can easily find for much lower cost at Wal Mart. I'm glad Tom Bihn makes quality luggage from quality designs and quality materials. It's just too bad that reviewers are so busy pontificating with their own irrelevant political rhetoric instead of taking the time to spell the name right: it's "Bihn", not "Binh".

    Anyway, it's nice to see that even the "I prefer mine to be foreign-made" crowd still take the time to tip their hats to Tom Bihn. Even when they get the name wrong.

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    I was also annoyed at the lack of understanding of what great craftsmanship is, something made with skills, passion and style.

    Tom Bihn crew with 20 years of team work under their design and sewing tables definitely qualifies.

    So please bear with me when I remove the cover of my tea pot to let offff steam after reading the statement below from the reviewer:
    "To me I always saw the bright colored bags and thought they were a bit campy, too touristy, I prefer a low profile when traveling and I also want to be able to bring my laptop bag at least into meetings without seeming like a teenager trekking through Europe. I didn’t realize that the bags came in black and in grey."

    When the reviewed asked via his blog about luggage brands , which I assume is what he means by "blegged", he was given the name of many brands that make bags which are either not very good looking or so stern looking and heavy to haul that they belong to the crowd who doesn't mind paying extra luggage checking fee on the flagship carriers and gets "displeased" when said luggage end up at the Alabama lost luggage store.

    When I first visited Tom Bihn site, I pondered between Steel and Grape for the choice of my first bag, a Brain Bag.
    I ended up ordering Steel and I love it, but I was disappointed when I realized that I had missed the chance to own a Grape Brain Bag.

    My point is: even a first time user can see that, most, if not all bags and accessories are available in Black and Steel, two very formal colors.

    I also didn't like the jab at "the expensive accessories", my second order was a Large Cafe Bag and a couple of pouches, on a budget, I skipped the Absolute Strap.

    It was the first time I was given a choice about the Strap that came with a bag.

    Sometime later, I was given a taste of Tom Bihn top notch customer service when I emailed asking for instructions on how to use the Absolute Strap, which held the ancestor to the Brain Cell, with my Cafe Bag.

    I received a very detailed email from Darcy then a second one when I emailed back after wrestling with the Absolute Strap for a little while (it was entirely user clumsiness as there is nothing complicated in removing clips from the Strap as demonstrated on Maverick video)

    If a blogger find it necessary to be unduly harsh about the bags he was sent to review, he can send them to me so that they can be auctioned off for charity.

    Where did I see that idea before? Let's see, a portion of holiday season sales benefiting an anti mining organization, a French T shirt auction for veterans, pictures of pooches needing a home...
    Tom Bihn Blog
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    Noting that the reviewer slides his laptop out of the side of the case, I do the same. My only complaint about the bag is that this is difficult to do. Being able to more easily open the end of the case with a wider opening would render this bag absolutely perfect.


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