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Thread: Quartet of bags

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    Quartet of bags

    I thought it might help people trying to get an idea of relative bag sizes if I posted a photo of four of my "family." (I also have an Indigo Tri-Star and two Brain Cells which didn't make it into this particular group shot.)

    From left they are a 1st generation Ristretto in Olive/Cayenne (cordura); an ID in Plum/Black (ballistic); my brand new Imago in gorgeous Indigo/Plum (cordura); and my beloved 1st generation Swift (the kind without the black stand-up bottom) in an unbelievably beautiful ballistic Indigo. In case you couldn't figure it out, I am in love with Indigo.

    Hope this helps someone make up their mind which Tom Bihn bag is right for them.

    Quartet of bags-quartet-jpg

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    Bring on the Tri Star and those Brain Cells! There's still room on that sofa.

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    A duet of bags and an Inukshuk

    A Synapse, an Aeronaut and an Inukshuk in Toronto
    Attached Images Attached Images Quartet of bags-inukshuk_tombihn-jpg 

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