Hello everyone!
Short time lurker, first post. Just received my Brain Bag with Freudian Slip, Snakecharmer, and Brain Cell, to replace my Booq Boa XM. The Boa has been a great bag, but I needed a larger bag. The Booq Boa has a lot of structure - the bag does not tip over really ever - but that structure also makes it very hard to pack as much in it as I needed to. So, now I am enjoying the Brain Bag,and it's really everything I hoped it would be: the size is fantastic, it's really roomy without being overly large, it stands up well with the Brain Cell and Freudian Slip included, there is just enough organization rather than too many little pockets, the zippers are large and easy to zip, and I am getting a lot more out of the Freudian Slip than I expected. The fact that the pockets are at the top of the Slip makes getting to items like my pens very convenient - a pleasant discovery!

I have attached some images to show off the size differences so that others who are comparing their current bag can get an idea of the relative sizes and shapes.

The Booq Boa and Brain Bag side by side, facing you:
New Brain Bag Pictures compared to Booq Bag-tom-bihn-brain-bag_008-jpg

The Booq Boa and Brain Bag side by side, from the side:
New Brain Bag Pictures compared to Booq Bag-tom-bihn-brain-bag_009-jpg

The inside of the Brain Bag - it's hard to get a shot that really shows you the inside, but here you go:
New Brain Bag Pictures compared to Booq Bag-tom-bihn-brain-bag_005-jpg

The Brain Bag and the Snakecharmer, so you can get a feel for the relative size:
New Brain Bag Pictures compared to Booq Bag-tom-bihn-brain-bag_006-jpg

A subset of the various loose pieces, including a Radio Paradise coffee mug, stack of papers (went into the Freudian slip), pen, sunglasses, Audeo headphones, PC headset, music player, Dell cable bag (pretty overstuffed), 3G card...
New Brain Bag Pictures compared to Booq Bag-tom-bihn-brain-bag_014-jpg

More coming, including a review, I think, but I wanted to post the Booq Boa pictures because I really relied on the photos from others to help me decide, so now I am returning the favor.

Enjoy! And yes, I am glad I switched from the Booq bag - great bag, but the Brain Bag is just better suited to my needs now.