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    choosing between the Imago and the Id

    This question was asked many times before, but my circumstances are slightly different. How do I choose between the Imago and the Id? I need an everyday bag to carry around when I am cycling, and I can only afford one bag. If I will choose the Imago it will be often full to the brim with stuff I often need to carry large notebook (or 13 Macbook) and several books plus lunch box and water bottle. On the other hand, if I go with the Id there will be times when it will be half empty. Does the Id look good when it is almost empty?

    The Imago is the better looking bag in my opinion, more fun and less utilitarian, while the Id is quite grown-up bag for serious people. My ideal bag would be somewhere in between the two, or the Imago but with external water bottle pocket. If anyone had a similar dilemma and found a solution I would love to hear from you.

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    I literally just had the same dilemma and ultimately went with the ID (got it last week in Black/Black/Cayenne). I like the fact that the ID can have the capacity to carry more, but if not, then its not unnecessarily bulky and yes it does look good empty.

    I also like the external water bottle holder and the waist strap.

    I also like more storage areas and pockets etc on the ID, its a little more "structured".

    I was going back and forth between the two for about a week (even going to other TB bags such as the co-pilot and cafe bags), but the ID for me was the best fit.

    I will use it mainly as my personal item bag to go with my TB Western Flyer for carry-on luggage for travel.

    If you have more questions just ask.

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    Hi Daniel:

    I own an Imago; and that has been my daily bag for a year plus now. I work at a University, and do tend to haul around quite a bit. The Imago is deceptive in how much you think it will hold. Precisely because it is less structured than the ID, I find I can stuff quite a bit in. For example, I have been able to put in a MacBook 13inch (just in a tight sleeve neoprene sleeve); a half cube with a change of clothes; and put in a few files etc., in the main compartment; and still put in other small items (Phone, keys, wallet, small pouches) in the external and internal pockets without a problem. The open pocket in the back can hold files and books without a problem, and is handy--if it is not raining, of course!
    I think if you are going to be using it primarily while cycling, the Imago would be better. The ID is more padded and rigid in the back----which may or may not be a good thing when you are biking. I tend to put a cube of clothes, and a rigid file folder if I want better cushioning and I am fine with that.
    I love my Imago. Along with the Western Flyer, they probably are my fav TB bags. Caveat: I am small made (really! 5feet tall!)--so you should keep that in mind. These are the only bags that do not overwhelm me. If I tried carrying an Aeronaut, it would look like the Aeronaut was carrying me!
    let us know what you decide,


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    I was also debating between the ID and the Imago and got the ID for reasons michael described above. I usually carry my MB Air, a few files, an external battery, cables, a book or two along with a water bottle and a Shop Bag in the front poach. However, I also tend to pack less when I don't have to carry all my books and files and find the ID too big. I was going to order the Imago, but decided to give the Synapse a try since I do want to carry a water bottle. So now I use the Synapse for everyday commute and use the ID as a larger carryon when I travel along with the Aeronaut.

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