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    Me & my ID at NASA!

    Last May I was one of the lucky people selected to participate in the 2 day NASA Tweetup for the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis! And of course I had my ID Messenger bag with me to carry all my electronics.

    Here we are under the Saturn V rocket at the Saturn V/Apollo Visitors Center.

    Saturn V Rocket by hellziggy, on Flickr

    And the best part of the Tweetup, here we are at the Kennedy Space Center press area right in front of the big countdown clock less than an hour before the launch of Atlantis! I even found another person with a Tom Bihn bag at the Tweetup. She was borrowing this classic Cafe Bag from her dad who had bought it at one of the old stores.

    Tom Bihn bags! by hellziggy, on Flickr

    Both pictures also have my other "must have" travel item: My little stuffed Moose! His adventures can be found on Facebook under "Moose Snyder"


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    Great pictures.

    Looks like you had a great time.

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    very cool pictures, hellziggy!

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    Thanks guys!

    It was AMAZING! We were at the closest spot they allow anyone to watch from. If any of you are on Twitter & follow any NASA accounts you can enter the drawing for a Tweetup for the next launch.

    Details here:
    The launch of Discovery is targeted for Nov 1st & the registration for the chance at the Tweetup is going to be from noon Aug 24 to noon Aug 25.
    Being chosen doesn't cover any of your transportation, lodging, or any other costs, but it gives you a view of the launch that money can't buy.

    I'm slowly posting about the experience over here:

    I took tons of pictures with my little Moose buddy, but didn't think to take many with the ID. :( Next time...


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    Very, very cool pictures!! :)
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