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    a video demonstrating Tom Bihn solutions for carrying the Apple iPad

    hi folks!

    this video demonstrates some of the bags from tom bihn in which you can carry the apple ipad.

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    Maverick, wonderful as always. We need a video dedicated to the Western Flyer when you have the chance! It remains my all around favorite bag, and I want a video for it!

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    ^ I'll second what Shiva said. It would be neat to see the WF on video.

    Your videos are definitely improving; the Bihn crew must be proud to host a budding videographer! :)

    The iPad demos in this video were very interesting. I haven't thought about getting one, but if I did it is nice to know there are plenty of very interesting options.

    And as you are fond of saying... thanks for posting... have a great day... bye now!

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