Hi aiethabell,
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If anyone on here routinely folds up their Shop Bags into a size less than one of the pockets in the Shop Bag, how does the piping hold up? Does it crimp? I'm seriously thinking of getting a Dyneema one anyway, just for 'Look what I bought, hee hee' some years down the road when the Dyneema Co-Pilot is no longer offered.

Don't think it won't go bye bye. I waited too long to order a Dyneema Synapse, and I'll forever rue it.
You never know -- you could all start lobbying them to make a Dyneema Synapse in the new Iberian red. I wonder when the Iberian Red will make it to the regular size (not just Large) Shop Bag color options, and also whether this is already a color option for the pouches?

This doesn't quite answer your question, but when I carry (regular size) Shop Bags in my Synapse, I use the side pocket (the one with the large size ultrasuede pocket), and I do a kind of long rolling fold. I drop the handles inside and fold the top of the bag down at about the level of the Tom Bihn label, and then roll the bag up from right to left. The only place where the piping bends is where it folds over, and it doesn't seem to crimp.