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    Co-Pilot at the Fair!

    A visit to the 148th Great Frederick Fair. It's one of Maryland's oldest and largest county fairs.

    Here's me and my Co-Pilot checking out the John Deeres at the Gladhill Tractor display...

    Co-Pilot at the Fair!-copilot-deere-jpg

    Took a break for a rootbeer and a funnel cake. Yum!

    Co-Pilot at the Fair!-copilot-funnelcake-jpg
    My Tom Bihns: Maker's Bag (black/steel), Synapse 19 (forest/steel), ID (black/black/cayenne), Imago (cocoa/cocoa/wasabi), Co-Pilot (black/steel), Ego (black/black/olive), Large Cafe Bag (linen/olive), Medium Cafe Bag (black/black), Various Zipper Pouches

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    How 'bout all that made-in-USA stuff!

    Neat: a county fair in late September. Looks like a bright and sunny day.
    Owner of: Super Ego briefcase (Black / Indigo / Steel) with Reflective Strip, Brain Cell (Steel), Horizontal Freudian Slip, various Organizer Pouches and Key Straps, and a Side Effect (Black / Wassabi) worn as a belt-style hip-pack.

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    awesome pictures, colortini!

    i hope that you will be able to make it to the tom bihn fest in dc this saturday!

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