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Thread: NYC CoPilot

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    Oct 2010

    NYC CoPilot

    My CoPilot is my first TB bag.

    My impression of it is stellar.

    I'll try to submit any photos of it
    being used in ways that might
    interest anyone, or in this case
    modeling it in a postcard-ish looking spot.

    Here we are looking at the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday from Pier 17.
    The bird took a chance and didn't vacate the binos as I was setting up,
    on the off chance that I might be a bird-feeding tourist.
    (Photo courtesy of my "1G" iphone.)

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    Great shot.

    I visited NYC, my first and only time, in July of 2000 to participate in MACWORLD Expo.

    I made a point of visiting the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and of course the Jacob Javits Center where the expo was being held.

    It was a fascinating experience, and I would love to return someday.
    Owner of: Super Ego briefcase (Black / Indigo / Steel) with Reflective Strip, Brain Cell (Steel), Horizontal Freudian Slip, various Organizer Pouches and Key Straps, and a Side Effect (Black / Wassabi) worn as a belt-style hip-pack.

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    CoPilot lands in Orlando

    I took my CoPilot with me to orlando and
    had it with me for 3 long days in Disney.
    It did a great job.

    I wanted to hang the bag off of Walt's outstretched
    hand but I had a feeling I would have found out
    how dedicated they were about security in the
    magic kingdom.

    Weather was nice - 70's

    My starting load for each day.

    The CoPilot fit comfortably & securely in all those
    drawstring compartments provided in the front of
    your seat when you are in one of the amusement
    The only time I thought might lose it if I didn't
    hold it down was during the Aerosmith rollercoaster
    ride at Hollywood Studios.

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    totally awesome pictures, FlightRisk!

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    Hi FlightRisk,

    I would really like to know your opinion on your GITD paracord zipper pulls. Does the cord really glow for a decent amount of time? I been debating on changing my backpack pulls over to it, but I am not sure if it is worth it. It seems that Disney would be a good test environment. Much appreciated.

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    Thank you, M.

    W O L,
    funny you should ask:

    First off the cord pulls on my CoPilot
    aren't made of glow cord,
    but parachute cord with reflective
    tracer running through it.

    When I was dragging through one of of those
    slow, dark rides in Disney, I went to get my
    iphone out for a needed distraction but had a
    hard time finding the zipper pulls as there was
    almost zero ambient light.
    With the bag and cord both being black I had
    to feel for the zippers.

    At that moment I thought to myself that when I
    get back home I might put some glow in the dark
    zipper ends on the cord.

    I actually have some glow cord as well but I'm not
    a huge fan of it. I made a lanyard for a flashlight
    out of it a few years ago but got frustrated with how
    dirty that bright white cord would get in no time at all.

    I recommend the plastic zipper pull ends.

    I've included some pictures of them in
    both light and dark but I could not get a
    good dark shot.

    here are a few pics of a glow zipper pull end with 2
    ends of olive cord with reflective trace. The zip end
    halves are not fully mated as they are designed more
    or less to set and forget.

    I've never timed it but my experience with both
    glow items is that if they soak in some sunlight
    you should get at least 1/2 to one hour of usable glow.

    I get my reflective cord from
    and glow in the dark items from

    hope that helps.

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    The Disney photos remind me of those gnome pictures for Travelocity (and also from the movie "Amelie") and Flat Stanley projects. Love it! Maybe I should do the same thing with my Swift. :)

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    Thanks FlightRisk,

    I appreciate the effort and information about the paracord and glow zip ends. I already have those glow zip ends, but did not like the way they looked on the bag. I found some oval split rings and thought about using them as zipper pulls and wrapping them in glow in the dark tape. Just have to keep experimenting.

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