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    Co-Pilot and Waterfield Design Suede Jacket for Macbook Air 11"

    I have carried my Co-Pilots (Black and Dyneema) for more than a month now and I am just thrilled with both. The Co-Pilot design is packed with so many terrific features that make this bag a favorite including 'O' rings, center water bottle holder, and size. It is deceptively roomy and easily carries my Macbook Air 11". I use the Waterfield Designs Suede Jacket Sleeve for my Macbook Air and together they fit perfectly in the largest compartment of the Co-Pilot. The Waterfield Suede Jacket Sleeve, while minimal in design and padding, provides protection against scratches and allows me to use the pockets in large section of the Co-Pilot to carry my notebook, snacks, extra gloves and hat. There is still plenty of room for other items I may pick up along the way. My husband teases me that I am on a constant search for the perfect bag, but I have to say since I received my Co-Pilots, I haven't looked at another bag. ;) Thanks Tom Bihn!
    Attached Images Attached Images Co-Pilot and Waterfield Design Suede Jacket for Macbook Air 11"-img_0331-jpg  Co-Pilot and Waterfield Design Suede Jacket for Macbook Air 11"-img_0337-jpg  Co-Pilot and Waterfield Design Suede Jacket for Macbook Air 11"-img_0348-jpg 

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    It's nice to know that the MB Air will fit in the co-pilot with both a cache and a Waterfield suede sleeve. My concern is that the suede sleeve and co-pilot offer limited, if any, protection against bumps, drops, etc, while the protection is offered by the cache but there is room for little else in the main compartment of the co-pilot, as best as I can tell from what others have written. I am not careful enough that I want to carry a laptop with limited protection and I want my bag to have enough room to carry a few extra things. A somewhat larger Co-Pilot/Pilot/Senior Pilot might be best for my specific needs.

    In the meantime I carry my MBAir in a padded Waterfield laptop sleevecase inside my TB ID. It's overkill sizewise but it works. I will be trying a Ristretto for the MBAir soon - its coming next week. I tried an original Ristretto but that is simply too large for the 11in Air. (I may be having a number of 13 MacBook Pro sized items up for adoption shortly!)

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    Too bad the Co-Pilot can't be "Ristretto-ized" with a built-in pouch to carry the MBA11. Love the cache I have for my MBA11, but a more secure system would ease a few worries.

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