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    Smile Swift Steel/Steel Ballistic - LOVE IT!!!!

    Just received the regular size Swift in Steel/Steel Ballistic, and I can't say enough about this color combination! The steel is much darker than shown on my monitor and that was a pleasant surprise. It is gorgeous - a very rich color. I can see this bag not only as my knitting bag but also my daily carryall. I added the Guardian Dual Function Light, two colored key straps with 2 clear organizer pouches and a tall yarn sack. What else can I say - it's perfect!!! Hope to see the Little Swift made in this same combination. Thanks, Tom Bihn!

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    So happy for you!

    The Swift is an amazing bag, I have several, being a needlework enthusiast I have lots of yarn.

    Steel is indeed a beautiful color!

    Would you mind sharing some pictures with us?

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    yes, we need pics. . . been on Ravelry too long, looking for the agree button.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Hope you can post pictures soon

    I have to say, I wouldn't' have thought Steel/Steel would be such a lovely combination, but you make yours sound gorgeous. The Swift is an amazing bag, and I'm sure you'll find even more uses for it the longer you have it. You may even end up like backpack and myself, owning more than one.


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    I have the same Swift and have carried it every day since I got it!
    I love how it sets off all the bright colors of my stuff sacks, pouches and key straps!

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