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    Co-pilot - Best travel bag ever?


    I just returned from a short winter break down in Puerto Vallarta with the family. Aside from a couple of large rolling cases (for the daughters and wife), I took my aeronaut, some pouches and packing cubes and my shiny new co-pilot!

    I debated before leaving whether the co-pilot would be large enough for the trip. It was going to serve as the go-to bag for most of the trip, acting as a diaper bag, camera case, snack holder, book carrier, etc etc. We were mostly going to stick around at the resort, but we were also going to take a quick day trip to Bucerias.

    Needless to say, the bag was perfect. It looks deceptively small, but it can hold a lot. In fact, more than easily swallowed up a trade paperback, diapers, wipes, snacks, water, pens, a couple of Field Notes books, a magazine, my iPhone, small headphones, a small first aid kit, the ultrasuede cleaning cloth, a hankie, a small flashlight and a small pocketknife.

    For our day trip, it easily held all that (minus the book and magazine) and hats for the girls, extra water and a small shopping bag.

    The absolute shoulder strap was a big help. On the return flight home, I used the strap on my daughters' Dakine carryon bag (which was extremely heavy, for some reason), and slid the Co-pilot into our bag of snacks. And, because the strap unhooks easily, I was able to hang the bag on the supports of the grass umbrella things, keeping the bag out of the sand.

    Overall, I was extremely impressed with the bag, and it's ability to hold SO MUCH STUFF.

    I would post pictures of the bag, but it turns out that most of our shots are of the beach...

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    Love your forum name...reminds me of Rev Horton Heat!

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