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    My first trip with the Tri-Star

    My son and I have decided to travel to each Major League Baseball stadium over the next three seasons. I bought the Tom Bihn Tri-Star to use during these trips. Our first destination is Denver Colorado where we are watching the Rockies host the Arizona Diamondbacks for Opening Day.

    From the moment I began packing I quickly realized how impressive the Tri-Star was. It had a place for everything. From my Macbook Pro to places to store the mementos from the ballpark we are completely covered.

    It was a cinch getting through airport security. While everyone else was rummaging through their luggage for liquids and electronics, I unzipped two compartments and removed the Macbook Pro and my 3D Clear Organizer Cube. I was in and out before most people even got their bags on the conveyor.

    The Tri-Star was the perfect size to carry onto the plane and took up much less space in the overhead bin than most of the other bags I saw and I was confident I had more storage as well; a result of Tom Bihn bags superior design.

    We are only part way through our trip. I am sitting in the hotel room relaxing with the knowledge that when it comes time to return home not only will I have the memories of a great vacation with my son watching baseball but also the peace of mind knowing that I will never have to worry about my luggage not able to withstand the rigors of 30 baseball stadium tours.

    When it gets time to visit Seattle and watch the Mariners I plan on hopefully taking some extra time to visit the palatial Tom Bihn store to perhaps pick up some accessories and say thanks for designing and building such a great bag as the Tri-Star.

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    Welcome to the forums, AZJazzyJ! Great review of the Tri-Star -- we'll feature it on our blog soon.

    We're pretty close to Safeco Field, so I hope you can stop by. Keep us posted on how the trips go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZJazzyJ View Post
    My son and I have decided to travel to each Major League Baseball stadium over the next three seasons.
    Oh that sounds like such a great trip. I hope you guys have fun!

    My husband and I have talked about maybe following a team all season long, if not to all the games, at least to one away game per series.

    I hope you have a chance to do a little research to find out what each stadium is known for, whether it be the Ichiro Roll sushi (OK I don't remember 100% if they called it that, but they sold sushi there) or Gordon Biersch garlic fries at AT&T Park.

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    I have always wanted to visit a baseball stadium in each of the cities I've visited. So far I've only done drive-bys of the two stadiums in Chicago and the one in Cleveland. Oh well, maybe I'll end up doing what you're doing one day.

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    AJ, what a great plan to do with your son! Cheers from here for being a good Dad! I have all girls and I have only managed to turn one of them into a sports fan so it is analysis of the royal wedding, antique shopping and dinner out with Daddy for me.

    Not complaining though, nobody loves a Daddy like his girls!

    Glad you are loving the Tristar! Are you doing any minor league on this trip? The Memphis and Louisville parks are awsome!

    A pic or two of you and the bags at one of the parks would go over big here...

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    Tri-Star and Ball Parks

    I just made my first trip with a Tri-Star last month. It was a Tuesday to Friday business trip and performed well. I have a very heavy ~9 lbs. work laptop, but I don't suppose I can blame that on the bag.:rolleyes:

    As for ball parks, the new home of the College World Series just opened last month in Omaha. It's a very nice park if you are in the area. There is also a brand new ball park for the AAA team on the other side of town. I would have preferred that they share the same park, but they didn't ask me.

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    I have a colleague who routinely travels with both a Lenovo W700 series (8lb 10oz) and a Lenovo T61 (5lb 4oz) in a single backpack. He looked at my Tri-Star with great interest, but couldn't get past the idea of adding the weight of clothes on top of almost 14 lb of hardware in a single bag. Then again, he's a kitchen sink kinda guy, so the chances of weaning him off a rollaboard are slim to none.

    On the rare occasion I have to carry both my company's laptop and a client's machine, I bust out the Empire Builder. I know my limits with the Tri-Star and 10+ lb of laptops exceeds it. Kudos to you JonP for managing with the Tri-Star while having to haul such a beast of a computer.

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