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    Swift packed for fiber fun

    An inside view of my Swift at the fiber festival.

    In the middle:
    Folded large shop bag (on the bottom so I'm not tempted to fill it)
    Project pouch with two smaller Turkish spindles plus two ounces of fiber
    Project pouch with socks in progress
    Side effect with wallet, passport and assorted small things.
    One liter water bottle
    Red pouch/key strap: local currency and bus tickets
    Clear mini pouch with knitting notions
    Padded pouch with iPhone
    Small grey pouch - my mobile pharmacy

    One side pocket: my phone, Tom bihn screen cloth and napkins.
    Other side pocket: headphones, dental floss (lifeline) and solid hand lotion.
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    Thanks Maverick. For some reason, I just could not get that pic to work.

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