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    Thumbs up I really like the Brainbag...

    I carry two laptops one on the heathen Windows side of life for work. The other one is a Mac G4 15". The 17" Mac is great but there is just no way to use that big boy on the plane. I have been through the snow, rain, from Philly to Los Angeles. One year I covered 38 states. Never had to fret about my bag. I really like the fact that I left two bags for the one back pack. The design is great.

    One request is that I would like to add a hidden zipper on the bottom of the bag. It's just for that one day that I really hate the job. So the heathen box will fall to the ground right in front of the massive semi coming down the street... Of course if my boss is reading this... I am just kidding..

    Really the BrainBag is an outstanding purchase and has held up for 3 years and still looks brand new. I really can't travel without it! Thanks Tom! :cool:

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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your many high compliments! Unfortunately, we here in the laptop protection business could most certainly not contribute to any sort of scheme to damage a computer (even if it is a lowly PC..ha ha, no offense anyone!) I must continue to perpetuate the Mac snob stereotype as well.

    We're very happy to hear the Brain Bag has served you so well. Your enthusiasm and support is much appreciated.

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