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    The NEW Horizontal iPad2 Cache: Perfectly Tailored

    New iPad2 Cache Arrived!

    I ordered an iPad Cache several weeks ago. After it arrived, I posted a short review in this forum noting that it was a quality product, but the fit could be more tailored.

    Almost immediately, TB posted a simple, straight-forward response: "We agree." A new Cache was being designed based on user feedback. Wow.

    It arrived today. The fit is perfect. In addition, the tag sewn inside the bag is now flat (instead of a loop), eliminating issues with the iPad2 catching on the tag when you insert it.

    I also have a Breve, which I've used as a sleeve since it arrived a few weeks ago. The Breve is a complete solution for traveling with just the iPad and my phone.

    The new Cache, however, will be perfect for carrying the iPad inside my Empire Builder, and I'll probably use the Cache around the office. The Breve could serve that purpose, but it takes up a bit more room in the bag and is overkill as just a sleeve.

    Here are a couple of final observations:

    First, the new Cache fits the iPad2 like a glove. There is no sense that it is too loose or that the iPad could fall out.

    Second, I suspect some people are wondering whether to buy the Cache, the Breve, or both.

    If your main bag is as large as my Empire Builder, you can use the Breve as a complete solution (sleeve and stand-a-lone case). The Breve does take take up more room than is necessary inside the EB. The Cache is so much tighter; I can even slide it into the back pocket on the EB or in the pocket under the flap.

    I wouldn't, however, want to use the Cache as my complete "stand-a-lone bag and sleeve." If you're at all like me, the lack of a shoulder strap and extra pocket means that you'll inevitably find yourself balancing too many things along with your expensive iPad. While the Cache will give quite a bit of protection, I can't see it working as a "complete" solution.

    I'd recommend both. Each serves its distinct purpose better than any other solution that I've seen. If you're only going to purchase one, then go with the Breve.

    Many thanks to the Tom Bihn crew for the outstanding responsiveness and a perfectly designed sleeve. It is outstanding.

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    I really need to pick one of these up!

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    I have the original iPad cache (and an original iPad :) ) and recently bought the Breve. When I want to be able to carry the iPad a a couple of necessities (charger, cleaning cloth) I use the Breve. It's great when I'm at working and want to carry the iPad with me, since my hands are free. But When I'm traveling and carrying multiple things, I'll se the cache to provide some cushioning when the iPad is in my Imago or Western Flyer (the cache fits perfectly in inner pockets in the back section). So I agree, it's worthwhile to have both.
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