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    Co-Pilot at Oakland Coliseum for the Oakland A's vs. L.A. Angels

    Thought I'd share a picture I tweeted from this weekend's outing to see some baseball (the photo was taken about an hour before the game):

    In the morning while I was getting ready, I was trying to find a bag that would work for me. I normally have a "baseball bag" that has all the stuff I want, but because this was a doubleheader, I wanted to take a few extra things with me, including my iPad, a windbreaker, portable transistor radio (the size of an iPod), sunscreen, and my own 24-ounce acrylic tumbler with a lid and straw (the cupholders are tilted a bit, and since they don't provide a lid, it's easy to spill, etc.). I also wanted a bag small enough that I could comfortably put it on my lap if someone nearby spilled beer on the ground (which happens more often than you'd think).

    I actually packed and unpacked four purses, none of which really fit my needs. Finally, I stumbled on the idea to use my Co-Pilot. I normally only use it for travel, but it turned out to be perfect for what I needed to carry.

    Got a chance to go see my team, the Oakland Athletics, play two games against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (don't mind their goofy name) at Oakland Coliseum... er... " sponsored by" this past Saturday for the first scheduled MLB doubleheader since 2003!

    Folks may be more familiar with the day-night doubleheader, where two teams play against each other in a single day--one during the day and one at night--where you have to buy two tickets to see both games, and they sweep the stadium clear of spectators after the first game (and this usually happens when the teams get rained out earlier and they have to make up for lost time).

    A scheduled doubleheader, on the other hand, is one that the teams put in their schedule in advance. And for the price of a single ticket, you got to see two games. The break between the two games is much shorter than a day-night doubleheader because they don't have to clear the stands. In our case, the break was only 30 minutes long.

    Getting to stay for two games was great, but it made for a verrrrrry long day.

    Here's an extra picture; I recently got a panorama app on my iPhone so I thought this would be a good chance to give it a whirl. Enjoy!

    Panoramic photo at the start of game 2 of scheduled doubleheader between Oakland A's and the L.A. Angels: click here
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    Nice pictures!

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