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    Co-Pilot as a computer bag

    I have a Co-Pilot in Steel Dyneema. I got it to use as a computer bag. One that can carry a quart-size water bottle.

    And it works! My Sony Vaio Z is officially 12-2/5" wide, and it fits just fine in the Co-Pilot's main compartment. For quite a while I just put it in "unprotected," and was careful with the bag -- and it was fine, even when traveling.

    I've since gotten a Waterfield "13 inch MacBook Pro" Suede Jacket -- the Ultrasuede sleeve that's only padded on the bottom, which is really only where I needed it for this use. And the computer and sleeve still fit inside the Co-Pilot, though it's a tad tight (the sleeve probably increases the width to about 12-5/8").

    Been using it now as my everyday computer bag for 7 months and my computer is still just fine.

    Oh, and the accessories -- charger, wireless mouse, earbuds -- fit just fine in the main compartment's pockets along with the computer.

    Conclusion: If you're traveling with a Vaio Z, or perhaps a MacBook (which seems to be about the same size), and you're willing to take a bit of care, the Co-Pilot *will* fit your computer and work well as a computer bag.

    I do think it might be nice if it were 13" instead of 12"...then it would fit a neoprene computer case. I think a lot of Tom Bihn customers have 13" MacBook Pros (or Vaio Zs).

    ETA pictures, packed pretty much as it was last time I traveled.

    Without Suede Jacket:
    Co-Pilot as a computer bag-1-nosuedejacketsm-jpg

    Other side:
    Co-Pilot as a computer bag-2-frontsm-jpg

    Co-Pilot as a computer bag-3-closedsm-jpg

    With Suede Jacket:
    Co-Pilot as a computer bag-4-suedejacketsm-jpg

    Everything that was in it (and one side pocket was still almost empty):
    Co-Pilot as a computer bag-5-contentssm-jpg
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    Amazing: I'd never have thought you could fit a 12-inch computer inside a Co-Pilot. Has anyone out there been able to fit a 13-inch Macbook in their Co-Pilot?

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    Very nice! I, too, have the Co-Pilot in Dyneema--in my opinion the lighter fabric allows for more "give" and hence the ability to stuff more things in it.

    I thought getting an iPad, windbreaker, folding bluetooth keyboard, snacks, water bottle, iPhone, pens, pencils, earphones, visor, wallet, sunglasses, and some make-up was good, but I think you've got me beat with your Vaio! I figured it could definitely fit a netbook, but yours is much more than that.

    What an awesome little laptop bag!
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    I can easily fit my 12.1" PowerBook in a NeoCase inside the ballistic nylon Co-Pilot. It's a perfect fit!
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    Well this just ups the Ante for me!
    I now wonder if the 11" Macbook Air will go in the Co-Pilot thus requiring me to get one in Indigo?

    The machine measures under 12" wide which I think makes it possible.

    Did you catch how fast I justified this?


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    11 inch MacBook Air in a cache fits nicely in a co-pilot. It just fits but the bag is not stretched.

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