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Thread: Super Ego

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    Super Ego

    High. Zoot.

    Seriously. This bag is, without a doubt, high zoot. I donít actually
    know what high zoot means, or where it comes from, but this bag has
    got to be it. I first heard the phrase uttered by a midwestern
    refugee who talks like they escaped a 1950ís madcap comedy starring
    Archibald Alexander Leach in reference to a peer who had spent a great
    deal of money on an enviable gadget of some sort, and it sort of

    And this bag is enviable. The process of buying it was as good as the
    result, and Iíll tell you about that a little later, but letís talk
    turkey on features first. Itís big. Eight heads in a duffle bag big.
    Not that there are any rolling craniums round the manor house, but if
    there wereÖ this would be the bag to transport them with. Itís also
    pretty slickly laid out with one major pocket that holds the brain
    cell (not for hauling severed skulls either, so Iím not sure why they
    sent me one, but it works well for a macbook pro anyway) and goodly
    amount of other detritus. Like my lunch. My lunch is actually
    traveling far better than it did my my old basic (in a converse chuck sort
    of way) jansport two strapper. The trick is to take the lunch out of
    the lunch bag and just let it be so that it can spread out over the
    left over space in the flat pack pocket. The lunch kind of rides
    along above my massive, I can present anywhere to anyone, with any
    technology, cord collection. Itís safe, and ready for nearly instant
    access in a snacky panic. Lunch is a big deal for me,
    so I kind of get epic in my preparations and conveyance of my lunch.
    Lunch is a sandwich, crackers, baby carrots and a banana. Epic

    Iím sorry, I digress. Sometimes I also digest, but thatís not the
    point either. The point is that Iíve barely scratched the surface of
    the abilities of the Super Ego. There is a WHOLE ADDITIONAL POCKET.
    Let me pause while that sinks in. I have already packed my lunch,
    computer and connectors, yet still have another pocket to place things
    in. This pocket is the one covered by the flap, and from here out I
    will call this one the pouch. The flap unflaps to uncover 6 small
    sorting pockets, plus the large pouch, that also has an organizer
    inside. I donít know what sort of type A freak of organization school
    needs that many sorting pockets, but if youíre the sort who needs to
    place a note card containing one action item in a perfect spot, this
    bag has got that spot. Myself, I just carry a phone. Sometimes two phones.
    And a checkbook for when I am in places that arenít civilized enough
    for accepting fantastic plastic. No disjoined body parts in this bag.
    No sir. Maybe a pair of motorcycle gloves that tuck into the
    pouch like it was designed for them, and a sunglasses case that rides
    in one of the two compression strapped bottle and maybe pen and a
    notebook, but no organizational freak out for me. Nope. Nothing to see

    On the inside of the pouch and the flat pocket are these little round
    plastic rings. Iím told that you can purchase additional
    organizational aids for those, but I just hang my keys on a fake
    carabineer from one and my work keys from the nifty tether attached to one of
    the others. If I still flew as often as I once did, those clear
    plastic pouches that Tom sells would be a trick feature, but Iím using
    this thing on the back of two wheeled personal transport for the soul.

    And as a motorcycle bag, I need to issue a warning. As I touched on
    earlier, this thing is large. It works out though, because I am too.
    If youíre shorter than 6í 4Ē (you poor widdle dears) the bag might
    hang too low and rest on the seat behind you instead of on your
    shoulders where it belongs. Also, if youíre riding with this, upgrade
    to the QAM strap. It provides the extra cross body attachment point
    to keep your mildy aggressive left hand turn from becoming a
    purple dinosaur on a tricyle jumping through a hoop of flaming swords
    in front of a bus of cheerleaders style screw up. Also, the bag is
    water repellant, not proof.

    While Iím picking nits about a bag that was not marketed as a piece of motorcycle
    luggage, but is being used as one, if Tom would please convert from one
    strap for the pouch cover to two strap, convert the open top pockets
    on the front panel of the pouch to snap shut or better yet, zippers,
    and switch one of the two water bottle holders to a cellphone holster
    with securing top, Iíd throw children off a merry go round to
    purchase another one.

    Which leads me to one last nifty trick that Tom pulled with this bag,
    the strap that holds the buckle that holds down the flap is replaceable,
    changeable, magical goodness. I got mine in reflective, donít run me
    down white, but the cork is drool worthy for the design sense; cork
    strip, corked bottle in the pouch, be still my hipster heart. Because
    letís face it, if youíre rocking a bag with the tech cred of a Tom
    Bihn with brain cell, youíre probably working in a job where youíre
    sucking down Kentucky Rye by noon.

    I mentioned earlier that the ordering process is fan-freaking-tastic.
    I meant it. I thought I wanted a different bag, but with great charm
    Darcy mentioned I would probably be disappointed. She pointed out to
    me the epicness of my lunch, and my need to steward it, and she was right.
    To sell me the right bag, she shipped it to me along with the wrong
    one I requested, including a fee return label and the offer to refund my
    money for whichever bag I sent back.

    Thanks again Darcy and Tom, I love my bag.

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    This post gets my vote for the most enjoyable bag review on the forum.
    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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    459 an only vain attempt to mimic your irrepressible style.

    epic...truly epic.

    I want lunch pics...but skip the skulls you are trying to distract us from!

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    I have to a agree, a great review of the Super Ego. I received mine last week and I'm not disappointed in the least. I have an ID which I use for work everyday - fantastic piece of kit that I've used for about a year now. However, I needed a larger messenger bag for days when I've got to take more "stuff" - and a jacket, food, etc. with me.

    I debated whether or not I could justify another bag which is so similar in many ways I took the plunge and ordered a black/black/steel Super Ego - I would have loved to have taken the plunge and gone for something a little more splashy, but conservatism won out.

    The Super Ego is perfect for what I need; it's big enough to take all the kit I need to take, while at the same time not being a monster. I actually had to double check the tag when it came because I wasn't sure it was the "Super" Ego and not the Ego! So many folks have written reviews which list the Super Ego as a behemoth that I wasn't sure I'd received the right bag. All of that to say, size is always relative and I'm more than pleased with the Super Ego. I can honestly say it complements my ID quite nicely.

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