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    Tom Bihn Domesticated

    While I LOVE to travel, see new sights, meet new people, and eat new foods. I'm in a particular place in my life where everything is domestic. I'm constantly taking kids places, and teaching kids new things. Although Tom makes great travel bags, which at this time I only get to use sporadically- I use many of the "other" more domesticated bags daily! The shop bag can hold many, many, many more library books than my family of voracious readers can chew through in our two week allotment. The shop bag is also great for wet swimming suits. AND (this is important) If said, suits are left in a hot car for several days, the shop bag can be washed!! My own daily bag (the Imago) holds the only things that are MINE, no one can have it or what's in it. My field journal hold my thoughts, because, come on! If I don't put them somewhere- they will be gone!
    The clear quarter packing cube separtes, sunscreen from my reading material, while my several zippered pouches holds my MP3 player( mothers must have some respite), pens, band-aids (can never have enough of these), and tylenol. (Both for children and adults) I guess what I"m trying to say is "Tom- not just for Travel."
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    Preach it! I travel very little, this year has been exceptional, and I use my TB bags daily and love them for it!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Very cute pic!
    I've got kids, so I've been using my shop bag daily for everything, including home depot runs for paint and plastic trays, extra clothes to bring to work (they keep it so cold!), trips to the splash pad, and grocery runs.
    I haven't use the WF yet, but I'll be to 'Up to the cottage' bag :-)
    My little set of TB stuff:
    Western Flyer (steel/ultraviolet)
    Small Pouch (cork)
    Large Shop Bag (solar)
    packing cubes

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    Adorable picture! I travel very little with my bags as well (the farthest my Tri-Star has gone is Port Angeles). Instead my bags and I spend our days exploring Seattle, grocery shopping, eating teriyaki and drinking Starbucks Coffee. Most of all, I love my Large Shop Bags because as you noted, they're great for carrying books home from my now rare trips to Powell's in Portland (notice plural..they' bag? at Powell's? Hahahahaha!).
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    We used to do a winter trip to visit family in different locations and a summer trip for ourselves. It was before I knew about TB bags and I was living very close to Santa Cruz and once visited Seattle after Tom Bihn Inc had moved there!

    Oh the bags I never knew and the wasted time trying to fit weather appropriate apparel for 3 weather situation with the added requirement of one dressy outfit at each location. in unweldy bags.

    Nowadays, we take fewer trips but the pleasure of using TB bags around town is always there.

    My Swifts have been lifesavers for organizing needlework items.

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