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    No idea on the yarn, except the shawls are really beautiful. Guess that would be chunkier yarn. Am I a newbie or what? ;-) Last spring the children drew designs for shawls, and the knitters created them for a children's charity. The shawls were dedicated last week - gorgeous. I loved when the knitters yarn-bombed the trees in front of the church this summer like big colorful peace poles. Guess I really should learn to knit....and not just so I can carry a Swift or 2.

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    Yes, you can always go the route of collecting all of the bags:)
    Well, knitter or no, the Swift family is a great choice. If the shawls are about the bulk of a sweater you may be more comfortable with a full sized Swift, unless you are only carrying the shawl. If it is fine enough to ball into the size of a scarf the LS should accommodate the project as well as several other items. Being a newbie knitter you probably need both :)
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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