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    Smile Tom Bihn Brain Bag Review

    I know I used to have an account on the Tom Bihn forum but for the life of me cannot find it. Anyway, I'm here to shamelessly plug a Review I recently did for the Tom Bihn Brain Bag. I run the site that caters to, you guessed in, students and recommendations for what gear to buy for school -- mostly tech focused. I'm a long time Tom Bihn fan and reviews of Tom Bihn bags I have done on the Interwebs date back to 2005.

    Anyway, I'll just excerpt the top of the review and provide a link to the full review. I also plan to come up with a contest to do a giveaway of the Brain Bag and some of its accessories soon, I'll post back when I have more info on how that'll work.

    From the day you started Kindergarten and your mom handed you a sickeningly cute backpack, a rite of passage for starting school, to slogging around campus as a grad student some 20-years later, a backpack has been with you. Youíve had ugly backpacks, black backpacks, backpacks with your initials on, Jansport backpacks, LL Bean backpacks, leather bottom backpacks, backpacks that you carried so long you may have shed a tear the day you had to eventually retire it. Backpacks can become a part of us when we carry them long enough, and thatís the point, they should last long enough that they become like an old friend. Not all do, but Tom Bihn, a Seattle based designer and maker of some of the toughest and coolest looking bags in the world is in the business of making bags that become your friend and can stay with you throughout your years in school (which can be a lot of years nowadays).

    Today we review the Tom Bihn Brain Bag. Itís a big bag, but thatís the point, students have to carry a lot of stuff sometimes. Textbooks, laptops, water bottle, lunch, extra clothing, chargers, snacks, loose papers, iPod, iPad, headphones, keys, gym shoes, pens, pencils, id cards, ad infinitum it seems. Point being, weíre needy people these days and then classes demand that you carry certain things (how dare they) in the form of textbooks that tend to be very, very big and heavy and so you either jam everything so tightly into a small bag that stuff crumples and breaks or get a luxuriously large backpack and carry everything with ease. I recommend the latter. The Tom Bihn Brain Bag was designed by folks that love the outdoors, so naturally the bag is also water resistant. And since the people that designed it love the outdoors and go hiking often, they understand the notion of carrying lots and lots of stuff and the best way to design a bag that fits things in an organized and efficient manner.
    Tom Bihn Brain Bag Review

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