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    Super Ego - Great bag, but has a design flaw.

    Let me preface this by saying that the Super Ego is a great bag for almost everything. I've been using it for daily "briefcase" duty since for about 12 months. The bag has almost no wear, even tho I'm pretty rough on it.

    Fit and finish is top notch, and carries TONS of stuff. The 'stock' strap is fine, except for the heaviest of loads. My Super Ego is black/black/gray with a reflective strip.

    My daily carry usually consists of a leather portfolio (noteook/files), ipad, newspaper, small first aid kit, and a patagonia fleece which resides in the bad at all times - in case its a bit colder than expected. In the front pouch I carry various pens, blackberry and ipad chargers, various junk, etc.

    Here is my one gripe, which i see as a design flaw of the bag. Since the patagonia fleece balls up at the bottom of the main compartment of the bag, is creates a 'bump' in the small front pocket. This causes the items in the front pocket to slide out of their 'slots' and hit the top of the flap, when the bag is stored on its 'back'. I typically throw the bag on its back on the back seat of my truck when driving to work, so this is a daily issue. I usually try to clip the front flap so nothing escapes - this keeps everything inside the bag, but the process of being on its back and then upright causes all the little items to fall to the bottom of the small pocket - basically defeating the purpose of the itemized pockets in the front pocket.

    Has anyone else noticed this or come up with a solution?


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    I don't have the bag so I'm just visualizing here. It sounds like any object on the bottom would do the same thing. If your newspaper were rolled up or you had a thermos of coffee. Can you fold the fleece so it doesn't bunch up at the bottom?
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