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    Red ... red ... and ... red?

    As I'm prepping my next order I did a small take on what I have, and figured this could be use for someone.

    Photo comparing 3 different "reds" that Tom Bihn has.

    Tom Bihn Reds by G e o cycle, on Flickr

    Cardinal, Iberian & Cayanne.

    I forgot to include my Iberian Dyneema RFID Passport wallet as well. It is a richer red than the Cayenne, and not as Dark/Deep as the Cardinal -- if that helps at all.

    Realizing that I have Cayanne already has sealed my thoughts on that Forest/Black/Cayanne ID! Hope there are still enough in stock by the time I can order!
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    Now ... what else do I "need" ...

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    Nice picture! I do believe I will be keeping my Reds the more I look at them.

    Black/Steel/Wasabi Super Ego, Cardinal/Steel 15"/13" Cadet, Cardinal/Steel Aeronaut, Olive/Cayenne 13" Ristretto, Camera Insert/Outsert, Horizontal Freudian Slip, 13" MBA Cache, Brain Cell for 13" Macbook, Steel Snake Charmer, FoT/FoJ pouch, Organizer Wallet, and more organizer pouches than I can shake a stick at.

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    Does anyone have Cardinal, Crimson, and Iberian? That would be a great picture!

    (I keep meaning to do a comparison of the old Plum, new Plum, and Ultraviolet . . . maybe over this winter break.)
    I have : many pouches & wallets & 3D Cubes & CQPCs & Stuff Sacks & Shop Bags, plum & black (C) & black/UV & aubergine/UV (B) Side Effects, steel/UV Citizen Canine, black FJN, plum/wasabi SCB, Cork Little Swift, black/steel Co-Pilot, old plum/olive (C) & black/UV (D) LCB, plum/black (C) Swift, old plum/olive (C) Imago, old plum/wasabi Ruck's Sac, steel WF/TS PCB, plum/solar & black/UV (C) & steel/UV (D) Synapses, black/iberian Smart Alec.

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