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    New One Bag, One World review of the Aeronaut

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    Thanks for the mention. I was actually coming to let people know of the review--I have no problem with self promotion--but you beat me to it. :)
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    Great review Frank!
    I love my Aeronaut too, and I've also been deciding whether or not to sell my Tristar since I'm using the Aeronaut more often.
    I'm waiting for my navy/solar WF that is backordered and once it arrives I'll have to figure out if I really still need the Tristar.
    I'm kinda thinking that having an Aeronaut and WF make more sense than Aeronaut and Tristar.

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    I did not cheat: I want to make that clear right from the start. I did read your original review of the Aeronaut, though I admit I did so some time ago, not today.

    I loved your updated review: made me smile. And since I'm about to receive my own Aeronaut, I was glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that the Aeronaut might be so great that my other bags would mope inconsolably in the closet. That's why as a pre-emptive strike, I found my Tri-Star a loving home already, with a fellow forum member. You mentioned thinking that you'll sell four of your other bags: do you mind my asking what they are? Just curious.

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    Just came from 1b1w site - nice update and good to read Frank's review.
    So straps are a new addition since the previous review?

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    Great review, Frank II. I remember you counseled me in response to the question I posted about carrying a half-full Aeronaut, to consider if it's a bag I would use in the future. I bought the Aeronaut for that trip, and haven't regretted it for a moment. It was stuffed to the gills for my Christmas trip with all the gifts as well as my stuff. The versatility of the bag is amazing and I'm sure I'll use it a lot in years to come. I have an Aeronaut and a Western Flyer, and I think that's a perfect combo for a longer-trip bag and a weekender.

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