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    A few hours with my new Ristretto

    So, I got version 2 of the Ristretto today, and it's just brilliant. My entire package included an upgrade splurge to the Absolute Shoulder Strap and an ultrasuede screen cloth for my iPad. I went with what Tom Bihn calls lapis blue, but I call it TARDIS blue. Look at this beautiful combo.

    A few hours with my new Ristretto-photo-mar-12-3-18-36-pm-hdr-jpg

    I immediately grabbed what I would consider a full load to be on a normal day and packed it up. I had the original-style Ristretto for my original iPad, and I liked it then. I love it even more now because things aren't at risk of tumbling out of the front pockets. Here's the front pocket all loaded up with a ballpoint pen, Jot Pro stylus, sonic screwdriver (River Song's) and a Clear Organizer Wallet with my MacBook Air charger tucked down in front. The other pocket will hold my iPhone, but it was pressed into camera duty.

    A few hours with my new Ristretto-photo-mar-12-3-24-22-pm-hdr-jpg

    ... what, doesn't everyone carry a sonic with them? (Note: River's and Ten's fits perfectly. Eleven's is a bit too tall. It'll fit, but you have to tuck it beneath the flap.)

    And here's the main compartment. It's a bit hard to see, but I have the 11-inch MacBook Air in the compartment, my iPad 2, a Kindle Touch, a small stuff sack with a knitting project and a small organizer pouch with knitting tools and some odds and ends that needed a home such as small toiletry items. I'll be splitting this into to separate pouches. I also wound up tucking my iPad into the padded compartment along with my MacBook Air. It'll go comfortably in either location.

    A few hours with my new Ristretto-photo-mar-12-3-26-29-pm-hdr-jpg

    Here it is all loaded up!

    A few hours with my new Ristretto-photo-mar-12-6-37-43-pm-hdr-jpg

    And, yes, I do have room for more. I absolutely love it, and feel it perfectly complements my Synapse for days I don't want to lug around a backpack like today when I'm wearing a dress. The load was very light, and I could comfortably lug it through airports. There was room for more, and I'll need to organize a little bit more, but this is another splendid bag. I was torn between the Imago and Co-Pilot for awhile, but I'm glad I decided to wait and got this instead.
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    It looks great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DQBunny View Post
    a small stuff sack with a knitting project and a small organizer pouch with knitting tools
    Could you say how big of a ball of yarn fits in there? I am seriously considering a the Ristretto, but the pictures didn't look like I could fit a 100g ball of sock yarn in one so I've been holding off.

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    Oh that is really really a good looking combination! Thanks for the photos. Now to add that to my list....
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