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    The Bag Wizard of Seattle

    Last month we took a family trip to Orlando and spent one day at Universal's Islands of Adventure. We have three children whose ages range from 7 to 15 so there are times when the older ones want to go on a ride that my seven-year-old won't (or can't) go on. When the older ones decided they wanted to go on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey my youngest said she wanted to go somewhere else.

    I was wearing my trusty Brain Bag and my wife was wearing an L.L. Bean backpack that she handed off to me as she headed into Hogwarts. With two backpacks and only one back I asked my little one if she would wear my wife's (it wasn't very heavy or large) and she said, "No, I want to wear that one." pointing to my Brain Bag.

    My Brain Bag was filled with more stuff than the smaller L.L. Bean bag and was much heavier but I figured if I let her try the Brain Bag on and it was too big and heavy we could trade. Actually, I figured she would say it was too big and I would end up with both since that's what normally happens.

    I put the Brain Bag on her and it was nearly as tall as she was. Before I could ask if it was ok she started walking.

    The Bag Wizard of Seattle-dsc00976-jpg

    The Bag Wizard of Seattle-dsc00977-jpg

    There were no complaints and when I did ask her if she was ok she said that she was. Watching her walk around with a backpack that ran from neck to knees cracked me up.

    We ended walking from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the Jurassic Park section to play in the climbing area. She kept the bag on while climbing up the stairs until we got to the top of the play structure.

    The Bag Wizard of Seattle-dsc00979-jpg

    From there she dropped it and started climbing the rope bridges. Her work was done, it was time to have some fun.

    I knew the Brain Bag was comfortable, but I was surprised and how easily my seven-year-old could carry it, especially at her size and the weight of the bag. I don't know how he does it, but Tom Bihn puts some kind of magic in each of his bags. He can make your load feel smaller and lighter. It seems that Harry Potter wasn't the only wizard we ran into that day, the Bag Wizard of Seattle was there with us too.

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    Ahhh, so sweet!

    Also, another generation of TB fans no doubt!
    "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale

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    I will admit that I giggle quite a bit at this post.

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