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    Getting to love my new Zephyr

    I got my new Zephyr in the mail about a week ago and I have really enjoyed the bag. I looked at the Empire Builder but I had a feeling that I would overpack it and live to regret it. The Zephyr is styled in a way that makes it look somewhat compact but it holds a lot more than you would think. I realize that is an obvious remark about any Tom Bihn bag but it puts my old Targus bag to shame which was a little bigger but had less usable space. I am not using a shoulder strap right now to get myself in the habit of not overpacking it. I love the fact that is stands up when open. I travel a lot and I can see where it would be very easy to work out of the bag at a hotel or airport.


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    Awesome! The Zephyr is an amazing bag :). Be sure to take lots of pictures on your trip!
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