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    Swift packed for surgery wait

    Friday my husband had outpatient spinal surgery (discectomy). Sunday he was in the ER. Monday night he was back in the ER and Tuesday he had a third spinal surgery. I had my knitting projects in a travel tray. When the ambulance arrived Sunday to take him to the ER, I grabbed my travel tray and my Side Effect, put them in my LS and headed for the ambulance. For Tuesday, when I knew it would be a longer wait, I used my Swift. It held a Lunchbot, bag of snacks, travel tray with three small knitting projects, PCSB ( clean shirt and bottoms for husband) and a Side Effect and a small water bottle.

    Swift packed for surgery wait-swift-packed-wait-jpgSwift packed for surgery wait-first-layer-jpgSwift packed for surgery wait-top-layer-jpg

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    I'm sorry you've been spending so much time at the hospital, but glad you were well-outfitted.

    I was at the store today and was chatting with a guy who told me about how useful the cafe bag and travel tray were while he was hospitalized and then recovering from surgery. Never would have thought of that, but what a nice thing.
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    Recently I've been going in and out of the hospital due to a recent series of health issues and I've been keeping my BrainBag packed so I can bring it with me or have a friend of mine pick it up and drop it off to my hospital room. It's really became my perfect bag to carry my personal notebook, ereader along with toiletries and an extra change of clothes. I've been amazed at how well the BrainBag holds a few items well but allows for carrying so much more as needed.

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    I hope the surgery went well and that the recovery is Swift.

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    bunchgrass, I'm so sorry that your husband—and you!—are having to go through this. But it is comforting to have some of your own things with you, and TB bags are perfect for that, as you have discovered the hard way. My Swift took me through a week at the Cleveland Clinic when my father had a heart valve replacement. I hope your husband is finally recovering from all of this, and that you won't need to use your Swift and SE for hospital visits ever again.

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    Sorry you and your husband are having a rough go at the moment. Spinal surgery is scary stuff. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

    I'm on crutches right now and finding the Synapse useful for carrying my gear to work every day and a Small Shop Bag on loan from Mom a great way to tote little items around the house. Your husband might find a Shop Bag handy when he starts moving around a bit - which I hope is soon.
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