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    Thumbs up 6+ Year Old Empire Builder. Like New.

    Just a post, of which I imagine there are many, as a testament to the exceptional build quality of The Empire Builder.

    I purchased mine over 6 years ago for a trip to Hamburg to serve primarily as a briefcase. Since then it has seen daily use in rain/snow/extreme heat. Going in and out of the floorboards and trunks of cars, overhead bins (checked it many times) on planes, boats/ferrys and hotels all over the world. It is now my exclusive goto for 1-2 day trips, holding everything I need for business and wearables. So awesome to travel light.
    The Absolute neoprene shoulder strap has been a life saver more times than I could begin to count!!! Standing in the endless line, or running to catch a connecting flight at a gate on the dark side of the moon, the Empire Builder loaded beyond capacity, with even more stuff strapped to the side and somehow i have not once lost the circulation to my arm/shoulder and my shoulder is never jacked at the end of a 12hr travel day.

    Another huge plus. My travel related hard drive failures have gone to nil since my laptops been in the Brainbag.

    As dirty as its been, 99% of the time a wipe with a damp cloth and it looks brand new again. Need a tie made of that material.

    To date NOTHING, absolutely ZERO anything has failed or fallen apart on this bag. Not even a stitch has frayed.

    The attached picture is of the only visible wear to be seen on the entire bag (really). A bit of wear through on the tops of the zippers, totally to be expected. If I need to get fancy, 3 seconds with a sharpie and those are invisible.

    The Tom Bihn Empire Builder is tied for 1st with my small Swiss Army pocket knife for the best piece of kit I've ever bought. Come to think of it, the tweezers have broken on the knife.

    The Tom Bihn Empire builder is the best piece of kit I've ever bought.

    I've almost built a small empire with it on my shoulder, and its not even close to getting broken in.
    If you're reading this in consideration of purchasing this bag, I can guarantee you one thing. If you buy this bag and are trying to build your own empire, you can safely take your choice of bag off the list of reasons why it won't happen.

    Amazing bag, THANKS!7+ Year Old Empire Builder. Like New.-photo-jpg
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    Please don't "Sugar Coat" it like this,tell us how you really feel!

    I feel the same about my E.B. and I thought mine was the only one on the d.s.o.t.m ?:)



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    "Need a tie made of that material." LOL

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    Just wanted to post and say that I can't agree with you more - I've been using my EB almost daily going on 5 years and it's taken a lot of abuse and still looks great. I have no plans to replace it any time soon.

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