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    My new Side Effect

    When I ordered the SE, I was initially planning to use it as my EDC inside my Smart Alec backpack (more on that item after I've had the opportunity to use it for awhile). Yesterday, as I was packing up my new bag, I changed my mind and decided that it would be my adjuster bag. Inside I placed my notebook, two pens, my camera (rear zip pocket), chalk (for marking hail damage) & a 40' tape measure. I clipped my shingle gauge to the exterior O-Ring. On interior inspections, I just grab & carry it inside as a cross-body bag, and carry my laptop inside to write my estimate. Today I used it as a waist pack so that I wouldn't have anything to carry when I was up on a roof. Perfect!! It's my tool-pouch that doesn't look like a tool-pouch!
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    Genius! Sounds like the perfect on-the-job bag for you. Love the roof photo!!
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