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    Co-pilot first impressions...

    Just received my Black/UV Co-pilot today and getting it organized to take on its maiden commute tomorrow. Straight out of the box I am struck, like many others, by it's relatively diminutive size! How on earth is my EDC going to fit into this tiny beastie? I have been using my Plum/Wasabi LCB for my commute, and I love it, but thought that maybe more organization would be a good thing. Here is everything I 'need' to carry every day...
    Co-pilot first impressions...-imageuploadedbytapatalk-hd1347523310-768328-jpg

    I don't always carry a knitting project on my work commute but I will on a longer train or tram ride. Storage for my KeepCup was paramount as I live on weak lattes! The weather in Melbourne is extremely changeable so I have to carry a good quality umbrella and fingerless mitts at all times! The shopping in Melbourne is also awesome so I need a fold away shopping bag and my purse at all times too! I have to carry my work ID and access cards on a lanyard, my house key, and my Myki card (payment for public transport) daily. I need my fave pens, nail care items, lipstick, lip balm, tissues, paracetamol, and a travel mirror. My iPad is a constant companion and I also carry a zip folder roughly the size of my iPad that houses an A5 journal, and two A6 notebooks for work and personal notes/ideas/reminders. I needed a back slip pocket for the inevitable trashy mag I will buy to read on the tram, or to slip my Kindle or a paperback into.

    My bag is now all packed up and ready to go in the morning. Everything seems to fit in a sensible and easy to access way and the Absolute Strap feels amazing on. I did have to change some of the pouches I had been using in my LCB for different sizes or types to work better in the Co-pilot but will report on this tomorrow when I've given it all a test run!
    Happy owner of: Black & UltraViolet Co-Pilot, Kiwi Swift, Azelea Little Swift, Azelea 3D Clear organizer Cube, Turquoise Little Swift, Turquoise Medium Cafe Bag, Plum Field Journal, Plum Large Cafe Bag, Plum Small Cafe Bag, Black Large Cafe Bag, Wasabi CQPC plus lots of travel stuff sacks, Yarn stuff sacks, organiser pouches, travel trays etc

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    Can't wait to hear how it all goes!!

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