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    Just got a Ristretto 13"

    I haven't used it yet, really, so I can't say much. Only one thing I'm slightly disappointed in, and that is that the buckle is basically one-position - there is no tightening of it.

    I won't be carrying the bag chock-full and bulging with stuff, so the buckle's 1-position design means that the fold-over flap will basically be rather baggy and loose all the time. What would be nice is if the buckle on the flap was higher up, and the bottom buckle moved further and had a length of webbing that could pull through like a regular tightening buckle, so that I could have the flap close TIGHT or LOOSE, whichever I'd like.

    I don't quite understand why the Ristretto lacks a tightening mechanism on the flap.

    Anyone else notice this or care about it?

    - Tim

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    The "old" ristretto is slightly adjustable, but even as tight as it goes it's still a bit loose the way I load it out.
    After re-reading this I'm not sure why I mention it except to say that maybe adjustment won't help the way you hope.

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