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    My medium cafe bag

    I purchased a black/steel medium cafe bag a few weeks ago. I was a little worried at first about if it would hold what I wanted it to. I've used it so far to go to school and work, as well as some doctor visits. It has been raining and the bag has held up great and dry inside.

    It turns out it works perfect. What I needed was a bag to carry my daily stuff that I want to carry, and when I have school could carry a single textbook and notepad. Eventually I will get a larger messenger back to carry a binder or more textbooks, and eventually a laptop when I purchase one.

    I carry at least:
    ipod nano
    Razr phone
    shure headphones
    book (currently a poker book)
    car keys
    id badge and misc cards (not pictured)

    on school days I add a textbook that fits either in the main compartment or the outside one.

    The 3d gadget pockets seem a little low in the bag, but there's probably a structural reason for that. I wish there was a way that whole row of 3d pockets could have one zipper going across it to zip it up so stuff doesn't fall out or get tangled in it. On the other hand I wish there was a way to get at the phone or headset a little quicker.

    I wish there was some sort of organizer like the fruedian slip that I could put to keep my little items in order. I'm thinking of getting one of those large accessory pouches to hold my loose papers in.

    Here's a link to some photo's

    I'm going to purchase a small cafe bag for my mother soon beucase she really likes mine.
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    Your medium cafe bag stores a lot of things.

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    crochet bags

    hehe, i second the one above me :) your bag does seem to carry a lot. but i do understand you, its a necessity - and a good bag means great comfort. i suggest reading this book on the subject, as it would enlighten your eyes as it did with mine :) very interesting read about the many options of carrying things right.


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